Friday, 30 September 2011

ORR nobbled!

What price Independent Economic Regulation on today's railway.

The supposed guardian of the level playing field is the Office of Rail Regulation whose website proudly proclaims:

The Office of Rail Regulation is the independent safety and economic regulator for Britain's railways

Alas, is that 'independence' now in question?

On the 25th May this year the ORR published Periodic Review 13 - First Consultation

On page 38 there is a table (5.1: Provisional high-level PR13 timetable) listing the activities that need to be completed so that PR13 determination can be implemented on the 1st April 2014, the start of CP5.

Item 3 in a long, long list is:

By 31 July 2011 - We publish a review of the role of open access operators in on rail competition


No you didn't.

A great big fat #Fail

And nor, apparently, has ORR met the revised publication date, of 'by the end of September'.

Eye wonders what could be causing such extended delays?

Congestion in Marsham Street?

UPDATE: And lo, like an Autumn mist, the congestion disappeared as the light shone upon it!

ORR Consultation on 'The potential for greater on-rail comp
etition' can be found here