Thursday, 29 September 2011

Roberts puts the boot into Mr Bean

More adenoidal whining from the Labour Party's very own Mr Bean.

Ed Millipede has been huffing and puffing about above inflation fares increases. Eye wonders if the recent op on his hooter has also destroyed some memory cells?

This from Michael Roberts of ATOC:

Ed Miliband is at best suffering from amnesia or at worst displaying rank hypocrisy.

"Train companies are subject to rules laid down by the Department for Transport, rules that were created and rigorously implemented by successive Labour Transport Secretaries.

"It was also his party in government that switched from annual below to annual above-inflation fares rises in 2004 to reduce taxpayer subsidies to the railways.

Are you listening Mr Bean?

'Nuff said!

UPDATE: This from Captain Deltic...

How refreshing to see that Mr Roberts is continuing to put 'imself abaht a bit, as we used to say down the East End.

He assured me yesterday that ATOC has told DfT that IEP is 'an expensive solution to yesterday's problems'.

Will we soon see serried ranks of TOC MDs marching shoulder to shoulder down Marsham Street and declaiming as one:

'Down with the so called Intercity Express Programme' and 'We'll execute the plan of the great McNulty!' (That's enough Pravda pastiche. Ed)

UPDATE: This from a Mr Phil Mitchell...

You 'avin' a larf?

You oughta 'ave written 'darn the East End

Any more of this lazy stereotypin' and me an' me bruv will be comin' rarnd to give you a good slappin'.

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Would the other half of the slappin' Mitchell brothers be Dr Mike? (No!!! Ed)

UPDATE: This from Howard Wade...

Or Andy of Crossrail fame?
(No, again!! Ed)

UPDATE: This from NR Insider...

Surely you're not referring to our Chris, although I am sure many of us at King's Place would encourage him.
(Once again no! Time to stop this, it is getting silly! Ed)

UPDATE: This from Messrs Saxby & Palmer...

Surely not Ian the well known signalling engineer?
(Right. That's it. Warned you, this thread is now closed. Ed)