Thursday, 26 January 2012

Penning's pratfalls whilst Cruella derailed.

Eye understands that the Minister for Transport is currently hors de combat.

It would appear that Theresa has broken her collar bone - ouch!

Eye wishes her a speedy recovery.

Whilst on the subject of riding into trouble, welcome to Penning's Pratfalls...

This from

In a transport questions session in the House of Commons on Thursday 12th January, Dr Julian Huppert, the LibDem MP for Cambridge, asked the roads minister Mike Penning about infrastructure for cyclists. The minister - who is also the minister responsible for road safety - boobed, saying cyclists shouldn't be on the parts of "national road infrastructure" he was responsible for.

Best stick with the oversize trucks Mike?

UPDATE: This from a waggish Percy Kilometer...

Is the weight of responsibility for franchising policy perhaps weighing too heavily on Ms Villiers' shoulders?