Tuesday, 14 February 2012

ROSCOs show great minds think alike

Exciting news from the febrile land of Bowtie, Bow-tie and Glasses!

According to The Drum...

Angel Trains is launching a new marketing campaign as it looks to raise its profile in the rail industry.

The train leasing company is working with Leeds agency Brass on a campaign which includes press advertising, PR and internal communications.

A series of ads featuring real Angel Trains employees are now running in rail industry titles.

Kevin Tribley, chief operating officer at Angel Trains, said: "The unique campaign features Angel Trains people and examples of their excellence."

Angel is to be congratulated for breaking the mould and giving the nasty ROSCOs a human face with its 'unique campaign'.

But what's this?

Porterbrook ran a remarkably similar series of ads, focusing on its people, way back in 2004!

Eye wonders if these two campaigns are perhaps related?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Phil Haigh...

Perhaps the Fact Compiler should speak to his nemesis, the soi disant 'veteran observer' and one time ROSCO PR monkey, to confirm whether the two are linked?

I understand they may be related! (Shurely shome mishtake? Ed)

UPDATE: This from Ithuiel...

Oh no, not more soft PR from the ROSCOs seeking to be understood, if not loved and admired.

Don't they realise that the only thing government understands is superior force and if they stood up and fought their corner on issues like DDA and IEP we'd all be a lot better off.

The same goes for the lily livered franchise owners

UPDATE: This from Captain Deltic...

How about an advertisement aimed at generating new business?

A photo of a Pendolino with the tag line:

"£20,000 less per vehicle per month than IEP - you know it makes sense".

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

Perhaps all those involved in such vanity advertising might like to consider the following famous quote about corporate advertising:

"It's like peeing down your trouser leg. No one knows you are doing it but it gives you a warm feeling"