Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cameron burnt by King's Place finest

Oh dear.

Looks like Network Rail will be off iDave's Christmas Card list.

The Prime Minister, keen to get back on the front foot over Gideon's disastrous Pie-Tax, offered the Beeb the following wibble:

The PM continued: "I am a pasty eater myself, I go to Cornwall on holiday, I love a hot pasty.

"I think the last one I bought was from the West Cornwall Pasty Company. I seem to remember I was in Leeds station at the time and the choice was whether to have one of their small ones or large ones, and I have a feeling I opted for the large one and very good it was too."


@NetworkRailPR was obliged to point out:

For the record: West Cornwall Pasty Co vacated Leeds Stn 31/3/2007. However, Cornish Bakehouse was open there until last week (23/3/2012)

Either way, both retail outlets have now closed.

Back to the VAT free Caviar, eh Dave?