Friday, 9 March 2012

The future of railway Smart-ticketing - Exclusive

This from a Mr Rabid Burns...

I can exclusively reveal the details of the new DfT smart-ticketing systems that the Command Paper referenced.

This is the fruit of years of hard work by highly paid consultants and already has its own b
rand name - "IET" (or Intercity Express Ticketing).

Similar in size to Oyster cards the new IET smart-tickets will be rolled out across the network in coming months.

For ease of use the IET will be supplied with a handy pocket sized printer. Plug the printer into the ticket and it will seamlessly produce a small wood pulp based object, on which there will be impressions of words and numbers. These will suggest where the journey starts and ends, together with a use by date.

Passengers can also easily extend the range of their IET by purchasing a BiMode Plus module (a small car battery) that will power the new smart-ticket across areas of the network lacking electric power.

Phase 2 of the roll out is likely to see the printer and BiMode Plus complimented by a personal ticket gate - similar in size to an airport body scanner - for use at stations without gatelines.

All the above lightweight kit (140lbs) will be imported from Asia, assembled by Sid and Doris Bonkers in their Neasden shed and badged British Made.

I think you will agree that this innovative IET concept will be welcomed by passengers and place Britain once again at the forefront of railway ticketing!

UPDATE: This from ticketing expert @SWLines...

ou'll need one for each owning group, as none of it will be interoperable.