Monday, 12 March 2012

Great & the good meet to focus on costs

Exciting news reaches Eye of a brand new professional association designed to bring together the great and the good of the railway!

The 'exclusive new forum for Rail's Senior Leaders to meet and network' will hold its inaugural meeting tonight.

The event will focus on 'The future of the Rail Delivery Group', followed by drinks and canapés.

And quite right too!

What better way could there be for industry executives to share and discuss the challenges set by McNulty.

But what's this?

Whilst attendance at the inaugural event is free, subsequent corporate membership of the Association of Railway Senior Executives (is this right? Ed) will 'typically cost £1,000'!

Nervous Finance Directors need not panic.

Eye understands that the association’s President has already offered his famous broom cupboard as a future VfM venue.