Monday, 5 March 2012

Man fails to put kettle on - keeps job

Exciting news from the National Railway Museum!

According to the Yorkshire Post...

THE director of the National Railway Museum in York has confirmed he will stay in his job despite previously saying he would “fall on his sword” if the troubled restoration of the Flying Scotsman was not completed in time for a high-profile event next month.

Mr Davies announced this week that the Flying Scotsman would not be available for a major event at Barrow Hill in North Derbyshire, which would have seen the locomotive on show alongside the Mallard, Blue Peter, and the recently-constructed Tornado, even though tickets have already been sold.

Quite so.

Whoever heard of a Civil Servant actually resigning over anything?

No matter.

In happier news, Eye's International Correspondent has commissioned a Limited Edition Flying Scotsman model from Hornmann Models.

He assures collectors that it is utterly faithful to the preserved loco in as-seen condition.