Thursday, 29 March 2012

MML Upgrade goes Parliamental!

Clearly the East Midlands has learnt the lessons of Derbygate.

Determined not to be caught out again by Ministerial double speak local MPs are turning up the heat to secure the upgrade of the Midland Main Line (MML).

Whilst all sorts of smooth and silken words have discreetly emerged from Marsham Street about the project being a 'dead cert' for CP5, apparently not everyone is convinced.

The Tory party's potential new Robert Adley (Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan) has secured a 16th April adjournment debate on Electrification of the Midland main line.

Good effort but no cigar!

As the below shows the real improvements to the MML comes from Upgrading the route, of which electrification is but a part (click on the image to view).

Eye readers hoping to benefit from this upgrade may wish to invite their own MPs to contribute to this debate?

Meanwhile, this salutary reminder from Simon Carr of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership:

"More money has been spent on improving car parks on the West Coast Main Line in the past five years than on the whole of the Midland Main Line."