Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ORR gives regulatory thumbs up to Alliances

This from the Office of Rail Regulation...

We support the concept of alliances and welcome their potential to add value in the rail sector, delivering benefits not only for the parties involved but also for rail users and taxpayers. We will help prospective alliance partners develop their plans and we welcome discussions - the earlier we are involved in these the better we will be able to help.

That is all, although My Learned Friends will no doubt wish to pour expensively (shurely, 'exhaustively'? Ed) over the details here.

UPDATE: This from another satisfied reader...

Not for the first time do I have to correct the illiterate content of this so-called blog.

In a blatant and ill-informed attacked on the legal profession, a fine body of men and women who are all that stands between the privatised rail industry and anarchy, you refer to them pouring - presumably a snide reference to the consumption of alcohol.

In my experience they spend long hours into the night poring over legal documents to ensure that the railway runs smoothly.

I remain your etc...

It's a fair cop!