Tuesday, 10 April 2012

So. Farewell Beau Bowker!

Eye style guide update:

From: Satirical Nomenclature Bureau
To: All Railway Eye Contributors
Subject: Richard Bowker CBE

Please note that following the subject's resignation as Chief Executive, Etihad Rail he no longer falls under the Satirical Nomenclature/Literary Pastiche/PCWren/Foreign Legion SNB Classification.

As a result, and with immediate effect, the nom de gare 'Beau Bowker' has been withdrawn.

Pending a new appointment a temporary SNB Classificatioin has been allocated reflecting the subject's directorship of the Football League.

The new SNB Classification is Satirical Nomenclature/Boys' Comics/Sport/Football.

Therefore, and until further notice, Mr Bowker should now be referred to as 'Ricky of the Rovers'.

That is all.