Friday, 15 June 2012

Pointless signs - Reading West

This from Citizen Smith...

'Not to scale'?

With only two stations shown how could it be otherwise?

UPDATE: This from Pedantic of Purley...

Well of course it is not to scale.  It is a diagram.  And diagrams are, er, diagrammatic. It is not a map even though it is wrongly referred to as a map. And the fact that no scale is specified means it is unlikely to be to scale.

To be accurate First Great Western should have added something like “This diagram is not an isometric representation of the portion of the network illustrated” or “Diagram for illustrative purposes only” but a more sensible thing would be to add nothing as it is perfectly obvious.

I can send you a scaled map of the Waterloo and City line if you want to see a scaled map with only two stations. (No thank you. That's quite enough scaled maps. Ed)