Friday, 28 September 2012

Preston showcases 'joined up railway'

This from Old BR Engineer...

This is Platform 6 at Preston. 

The platform extension for 11 car Pendolinos was done first, then resurfacing of rest of platform, nearest to camera. 

With coper edge & height specified within tolerances of less than 25mm (relative to track) how can the joint between contracts end up like this!

Also note:
  • Channel drains not joined-up;
  • Platform 6 extension longer than Platform 5 but other end of Platform there is no difference;
  • Expensive type of paving slabs used - Wigan North Western and Warrington done with paviours (bricks) which take ages to lay and are hell to lift & relay if required.  Down south they use quick, cheap, and easy tarmac (Wimbledon and Winchester for example);
  • The main resurfacing contract clearly has some other problems still to resolve:- around column bases, and over the subway - which as an afterthought now has to be partially reconstructed to achieve the desired levels!
Oh Dear!