Monday, 29 October 2012

ICWC - Unleash the NAO

This from the National Audit Office...

Work in progress: Cancellation of the competition for the Intercity West Coast franchise

Study outline

The Secretary of State for Transport announced today (29 October 2012) the interim findings of the Laidlaw Inquiry into the reasons for the cancellation of the competition for the Intercity West Coast franchise. The Department has also given the National Audit Office access to many of the documents and other evidence supplied to the Laidlaw Inquiry. On the basis of that examination we can confirm that the information that we have seen supports the initial findings made by the Laidlaw Inquiry on what happened and the contributory factors. 

As the Laidlaw Inquiry has highlighted, there are limitations on the conclusions that we too can draw at this stage.  We are conducting further inquiries and once these are completed, we will report to Parliament to provide assurance including on the extent to which wider issues are raised  and are likely to affect the Department’s other projects and programmes, for example concerning:
  • the Department’s approach to developing and quality assuring models and other technical tools which it uses;
  • the operation of key committees including the information provided to them and how decisions are recorded;
  • the rigour with which the Department follows required processes; and
  • the skills and capacity available to run projects and programmes.

Reporting schedule

We aim to publish this report before Christmas 2012.