Friday, 19 October 2012

Porterbrook - Bringing home the bratwurst!

This from Tommy Atkins...

Exciting news from the nation's favourite ROSCO...

Porterbrook Leasing has signed a contract with LNWR to repaint 72 Class 150/2 vehicles operated by Arriva Trains Wales, valued at £1M
With franchising stalled this is indeed good news for the UK's increasingly beleaguered rolling stock supply chain!

But what's this?

The 150/2s are operated by Arriva Trains Wales - part of Arriva - owned by Deutsche Bahn.

They will be repainted by LNWR - owned by Arriva - part of Deutsche Bahn.

And the job is being funded by Porterbrook - part-owned by Deutsche Bank.

Deutschland über alles indeed!