Friday, 9 November 2012

Philip Davies MP speaks on Metal Theft

Further to yesterday's post about  the risk to Richard Ottoway's Metal Theft bill... 

A number of Eye readers have been in contact with Philip Davies MP to request his support for today's Third Reading.

Here is the MP's apparently standard reply on the subject:

Thank you for your email.

This Bill is badly worded, vague and not fit for purpose and it does the House of Commons no credit simply to pass bad legislation on the nod with no scrutiny.

I have tabled an amendment which would allow the Bill to progress tomorrow and it would expire in a year to give the Government time to bring forward a more considered Bill with proper scrutiny.  If the Bill does not progress tomorrow it will be due to Government intransigence and nothing to do with me.

Best wishes
Philip Davies MP

Oh dear.

Of course if the railway were a real commercial enterprise we could decline to serve Mr Davies for being quite so unhelpful.

Just for a year you understand, to allow him to bring forward a more considered response...