Monday, 21 January 2013

The 4th Railway Package – a lesson in lobbying?

This from Sue La Manche...

Lloyds List reports that the publication of the European Commission’s 4th Railway Package has been delayed by the direct intervention of Angela Merkel, at the behest of state owned DB.

The Frenchies have also swung behind the Boche, surprisingly enough defending their own entrenched positions.

And where is the brave, newly emboldened and battle ready British Government in all of this? 

Is it perhaps speaking out in defence of the UK free-market model?  

Is it perhaps rushing to support UK businesses struggling to compete with state owned European railway monopolistic behemoths? 

Or is sat twiddling its thumbs awaiting a speech from dithering Dave, that may or may not take place on Wednesday?

So much for defending the national interest! All in all a very grube business.

UPDATE: This from Sir Bean-Counter, the accountant...

I am grateful to Lord Berkeley for sharing the thoughts of one Michel Barnier.

“One should not underestimate social and political unrest that may stem from the perception that the EU is aiming at dismantling bodies of professionals which are cemented by a strong corporate culture and a long history without it being absolutely indispensable for a well-functioning competitive market”.   

This is clearly a Damascene conversion from the man who sought to break up the Big 4 audit firms, bodies of professionals cemented by a strong corporate culture and a long history, no less!

Reading this wiki entry you might detect a whiff of a revenge strike on the UK for keeping his hands off the City.