Friday, 3 May 2013

Parry flees First for the Cut

This from the Canal and River Trust...

New chief executive appointed

Richard Parry is to swap trains for boats as he takes up the role of chief executive of the Canal & River Trust starting this summer.

Currently at FirstGroup, Richard headed up First's bid in 2012 for the InterCity West Coast line and more recently has been leading First's highly-regarded Hull Trains company as well as other wider development programmes across First's rail businesses 

Before that he spent 19 years at London Underground (LU) and Transport for London (TfL) where he had a range of senior roles, spending eight years as a director of LU, including a year as interim LU managing director (2009-10), and then a further 18 months as deputy managing director, TfL Rail and Underground (2010-11).

Interesting. Does this herald some further moves at First?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Tony Miles... 

Am I alone in wondering whether the role of MD at First Hull Trains is now timed to change with the same frequency as that of the Secretary of State for Transport? 

If so anyone offered the job may want to take this into account! (Which one, Parry's or McLoughlin's? Ed)