Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Silver Fox to TXM Group!

Eye understands that the Silver Fox is abandoning Network Rail!

Graham Eccles, for it is he, has apparently decided to take up the role of chairman at the TXM Group.

He will step down from the NR board in July.


UPDATE: This from the Silver Fox himself...

Nothing odd about my moving on.  I'm getting on a bit and the time commitment at Network Rail, especially since becoming Chair of Remuneration Committee, is just more than I want to put in and there are other things I'd like to do with my life. TXM is something new for me and much more suited to an elderly gentleman.

Earlier this year David Wilson (ex Siemens) and I, along with another friend, bought a vineyard in the High Beaujolais.  I'd like to start spending more time there which I can't do with the time commitment at Network Rail.  David is an ideal partner, if he can flog £1.4 billion worth of trains to a Yorkshireman, he can certainly flog a few bottles of wine to our Gallic cousins.

Writing to you allows me to shamelessly plug the vineyard (see www.vatre.com), but it would also be nice to see old railway chums call in if they are out that way.

Regards G