Monday, 10 June 2013

Veitch off to Upsidedown-land!

So farewell Jon Veitch, the latest loss to the Dominions!

After more than 26 years working on Britain's Railways Jon will be leaving these hallowed shores to take up the role of General Manager, Freight, for the Downer Group in Australia.

Jon, currently Fleet Manager at East Midlands Trains, is due to become a 'Ten Pound Pom' at the end of August.

Fans of esoteric traction will recall that Jon has played a key role in restoring prototype HST power car 41001, as well as naming all four 08's at Neville Hill.

Amidst other claims to fame he oversaw the return to service of  a 'bubble car' to Wales, the introduction of the WAG Express, the transition of the West Coast from classic locomotives to the Pendolinos and played a leading role in the infamous Intercity Express Programme.

Eye wonders how we will survive without him!

Wishing you all the best Jon. Oh, and any chance you can take the IEPs with you?