Monday, 30 September 2013

Eurostar to bring 'shabby-chic' to ECML?

Good news for fans of the crumbled edge of quality!

According to the Yorkshire Post...

CHANNEL Tunnel high-speed train company Eurostar is bidding to operate a key rail route which runs between London and Scotland via Yorkshire.

Eurostar is launching a joint bid with French company Keolis to run the East Coast line.

No doubt Eurostar's high quality rolling stock (sic) will convince the DfT that the company should also be entrusted with the UK's premier InterCity route?

UPDATE: This from Entraineur Rugby...

I must take issue with your shabby-chic vision of a Eurostar-run East Coast service.

They are quite clear in the Yorkshire Post article that they are only looking for a minority stake.

Surely they won't be in charge of the trains?

Probably just the website.