Monday, 14 October 2013

ATOC and RDG ushers in new era of transparency

Good news for fans of greater RDG and ATOC integration.

Word reaches Eye that tomorrow's RDG meeting is likely to see closer co-operation between the two bodies placed firmly on the agenda.

An ATOC spokesman observed today: 'Discussions are on-going'.

Quite so.

In fact so 'on-going' are discussions, that in certain recent conversations you might almost have mistaken ATOC speaking for RDG!

Perhaps helpful to recall that transparency is, as transparency does.

UPDATE: This from Sidney Supplychain...

No doubt there are plans in hand to communicate these exciting developments to, and engage more fully with, RDG's Associate Members?

Didn't think so.

UPDATE: This from Leftoutin Thecold...

This is the full list of RDG Associate Members, as at 16th September.

  • Ashfield Consulting Ltd
  • Babcock
  • Birmingham Centre for Railway Research
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • Bond Dickinson LLP
  • Brisk Projects
  • British Transport Police Authority
  • Carillion
  • Derby and Derbyshire Rail Forum
  • Gutteridge, Haskins and Davey Ltd (GHD)
  • Jacobs UK Ltd
  • MTR
  • Optimum Consulting Limited
  • Rail Freight Group
  • Rail Media Group
  • Railnews Limited
  • Rail Vehicle Engineering Ltd (RVEL)
  • Railway Industry Association (RIA)
  • Siemens Railway Systems
  • Young Railway Professionals
No doubt they will be fully briefed on the exciting future for the RDG very soon...