Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Beardie Rail (East) plays trains

This from Virgin Trains East Coast...

"Four trains spanning four generations will travel side by side, in the same direction, along the East Coast Main Line on April 23 2017.

"This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world famous Flying Scotsman travel alongside two trains from Virgin Trains’ revitalised fleet - an HST (Class 43), an intercity225 (Class 91) - and the rail operator’s brand new train, the Virgin Azuma (Class 800) which is being built by Hitachi in the North East, and will come into service in 2018.

"The four trains will travel together for several miles north of York to showcase the past, present and future of rail travel."

A nice of bit Beardie Rail PR that should look stunning from the air.

The event is being supported by Welcome to Yorkshire, Network Rail and the National Railway Museum.

Does Eye detect the hand of Stanton?