Friday, 31 March 2017

Track renewals to be further hit in CP5?

The Independent has published a piece that will further fuel concerns in the infrastructure supply chain.

It quotes the following from an 'NR memo':

“The last time the track renewals industry had a cost challenge of this magnitude, 7-8 years ago, the supply chain suffered massively (we lost a principal contractor and many second tier suppliers)…this is going to be a tough couple of years for the whole industry.”

Full article, here.

UPDATE: The Campaign for Better Transport are quick off the blocks!

Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive, Campaign for Better Transport, said:

"These cuts are likely to mean more delays and worse journeys for passengers. We know from previous experience with roads as well as railways that maintenance backlogs are easy to build up and hard and expensive to get rid of.

“However, this isn't all about austerity - some of it is about waste and incompetence in Network Rail, which as they admit, has mismanaged several upgrade projects. Network Rail needs to get a grip and the regulator needs to help them do it."