Thursday, 3 December 2009

ATOC - photography not a security concern - Official

Exciting news from ATOC!

According to Railnews...

A new online guide to National Rail has been launched by the Association of Train Operating Companies to help passengers, especially those with disabilities, to find their way round more than 2500 stations. The innovation, including 14,000 web pages and interactive maps as well as 700,000 photographs, is said to be a world first.


And what a wonderful on-line resource for passengers... or indeed those with less benign intentions.

With this in mind Eye expects an immediate end to stories of TOC jobsworths preventing photography on stations for spurious 'security' reasons!

UPDATE: This from Simon...

While reluctant to knock what is a brilliant idea and an incredibly useful resource, I was rather amused to note that the guide to Southampton Airport Parkway makes no mention of the brand new covered footbridge complete with lifts, forming the only means of access between the platforms for those with mobility problems.

A little embarrassing as these facilities were opened to great fanfare by Minister Chris Mole only today.

This emphasises the point that ATOC will have to keep the new site bang up to date if it is to be more of a help than a hindrance.

UPDATE: This from consultancy the mhdpartnership via Twitter...

That ATOC site is shocking and just proves how archaic our rail industry is!

There is a critique on our blog.