Thursday, 3 December 2009

Chiltern rejects "streamlined fares"

This just in from Hymnody...

As Eye has already noticed, NFM05 content has been uploaded to "The Manual" earlier in the week.

One you may have missed, however, is a fare with a massive 46% increase!

The 1st Anytime Day Single from London Terminals to Banbury (and vv), priced by Chiltern, is increasing from £44.50 to £65.00.

Similarly, the 1st Anytime Day Return is increasing from £89.00 to a whopping £130.00!

At present, the only way to make use of 1st Class is to travel from Paddington via Reading.

But from the December timetable change it will also, of course, be valid on Wrexham and Shropshire services from London Marylebone, which will be making "full calls" at Banbury and Leamington Spa.

Probably best not to tell Lord Adonis, who used Tuesday's Grauniad to praise Open Access "steamlined fares".

UPDATE: This from Central User...

I wonder whether the justification for this is that 1st includes a sit-down cooked meal?