Monday, 18 January 2010

It's like a menagerie out there...

Is Beatrix Potter running the railway?

(LNWN) At 1726 the driver of 1M98, EA, 1611 Edinburgh Waverley - Manchester Airport, reported that CE483 signal on the Up Main line at Carlisle Kingmoor had reverted from green to red as the train approached. The driver was unable to stop and passed the signal at red. The driver was fit to continue. It was confirmed by the Signalling Shift Manager at Carlisle PSB that a momentary remote systems failure had occurred at the time at Carlisle Kingmoor. The S&T team attended, and upon arrival at Kingmoor Relay Room discovered a cat climbing over the racks which house the TDM equipment, and which may have been responsible for the momentary failure.
The cat was removed to a place of safety, and it was also reported that the roof of the Relay Room was leaking and the floor flooded, although not affecting equipment, the Property Action Line advised.
TRUST 740862 IQRO = 5 trains = 28 mins. Fault No.450842. CCIL 523594.

There was also disruption on the Charing Cross branch of the Northern line just before mid-day today - due to a fox on the line at Warren Street.

UPDATE: This from
'Is 1A03 out of Chester yet, Bert?' with a bowler tip to Messrs Kitchener and Ford...

Metro had a similar story on the 8th December last year - here suitably captioned.