Monday, 18 January 2010

On-line booking challenge for WSMR passengers

This just in from Bushy...

Now, I don't like to malign our entrepreneurial friends at Wrexham & Shropshire (and their Chiltern overlords) but parts of the operation seem not to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

In a release dated 24th September 2009 Wrexham and Shropshire MD, Andy Hamilton, said:

“This comes at an exciting time for Wrexham & Shropshire... By operating as part of the Chiltern Railways business, we will be able to serve additional stations such as Leamington Spa and will benefit from the single-minded commitment of one of the world’s most successful transport companies.”

On the WSMR website home page there is a drop down menu to select the start and end point for the intending passenger's journey.

Although the site clearly says that 'Journeys to and from London and Banbury are available' it is actually impossible to book Marylebone to Banbury (or v.v) using the WSMR website.

Meanwhile, Leamington Spa doesn't appear in the drop down menu at all.

Surprisingly though, you can book on the 07:29 Leamington to Marylebone WSMR service, but only via Chiltern's site.

Given they are both part of DB Regio this isn't exactly joined up.

UPDATE: This from Yokel...

Don't worry too much about on-line booking!

Us Yokels much prefer the civilised nature of being able to get on the train without a ticket, and to pay the manager when he comes round, and all without a penalty fare!

Again, don't worry about Leamington Spa, as it is only a recent addition to the itinerary.

Quite a shame really, because when W&S trains had to pass through, it was a rare chance to travel on the centre roads at Leamington that now seem to have reverted to their empty stock and freight only use.

Whatever happened to the non-stop London to Birmingham express trains that would thunder through the centre lines of every station in between? Oh, Dr Beeching, and "rationalisation"

Nostalgia ain't wot it used to be!