Friday, 12 February 2010

After Worst Group - Craptrain!

Telegrammed by Globetrotter
Hot news from across the Channel (if you can get there, qv Eurostar)!

SNCF has finally recognised what its customers think about the standard of its freight services.

Its Transport & Logistics business SNCF Geodis has announced that it is consolidating its international operations under a single brand – Craptrain (shurely shome mistake – Ed)

The new Captrain brand is intended to bring together the former Veolia Cargo operations in Benelux, Germany and Italy with previously-acquired ITL Benelux and SNCF’s own subsidiaries in those markets, plus Freight Europe UK and VFLI Romania.

Within the single brand, there will still be five regional businesses:

  • Captrain Benelux
  • Captrain Deutschland
  • Captrain Italia
  • Captrain Romania
  • Captrain UK
All we need now is some new Napier-engined Class 66s, and we can have Craptrain Deltic!