Friday, 12 February 2010

Eurostar - Wrong kind of report!

Good to see Eurostar is committed to openness and transparency.

Click on the button to download the report on the pre Christmas debacle and you are presented with the following:

Apparently communications was one of Eurostar's failings.

No shit Sherlock.

UPDATE: This mediated via The Gruaniad...

"Eurostar must improve the way it communicates with passengers and put in place new systems and practices to achieve that."

Indeed. Perhaps starting with its website...

UPDATE: This just in from the Eurostar Press Office...

Just saw your blog post on the Independent Report response.

We'll be going live with that in the next 30 minutes or so - we're just waiting until the end of the press conference.

I'll send you the details as soon as the site's up.

Hope that's OK.

It is and thank you for responding.

UPDATE: This further update from a Eurostar Press Spokesman...

Just to follow up on my earlier email here are a few more details on the Review and our response, which Eye posted on in December.

You commented on the need for better communications with passengers.

We are extremely sorry for what happened and take the situation very seriously. We’ve already taken action to address many of the Review’s recommendations, and we are committed to implementing all of its recommendations as quickly as possible. Above all we are focused on:

o Improving passenger care in disruption
o Improving communications, and
o Strengthening the resilience of our trains

We’re investing £30 million in improving the resilience of our trains, passenger care and communications.

We are also appointing a Director to implement the recommendations from the Review, as well as working closely with Eurotunnel, to ensure that this never happens again.