Wednesday, 10 February 2010

European Rail Timetable is a Security Risk - Official

This from UK.Railway on Google Groups...

Once a year I buy a Thomas Cook European Passenger Timetable.

Today tried to buy one from (WH Smiths) Luton branch. They would not sell me one unless I either produced my passport (yeh I really do carry that with me to buy a book) - or some other identification - and even then give personal details.

They said this is now company policy for security reasons.

Is there no end to this hysteria?

How in God's name did we ever survive the 70s and 80s when the Fenians were on the loose?

UPDATE: This from Reuben over at Thomas Cook (no less)....

Just a couple of points about that....

1. He tried to buy it from the Foreign Exchange counter at the Thomas Cook branch, not WH Smith as they don't sell the Timetable in their high street shops.

2. The assistant that served him had unfortunately misunderstood a Cook's policy regarding FE sales where as part of a drive to cut down on money laundering it is company policy that anyone exchanging money must have ID. It has been communicated to all Thomas Cook stores that this policy does NOT apply to the sale of guide books and Timetables!

As well as being available at the FE counters of many Thomas Cook store, both the European and Overseas Timetables are of course also available to purchase online (where you get a discount!) or directly over the 'phone by calling 01733 402002.

Hope that clears this up!