Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tafia bans Charter Operators from the Ryder Cup

Exciting news from the Tafia!

Punters keen to see the energetic Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup had better be aware of the following draconian restrictions placed on those attending the event.

According to an email from ATW's Contracts and Compliance Manager:

Due to concerns of the Ryder Cup organisers and the security arrangements that will be put into place, all trains conveying attendees to the Ryder Cup must use Newport station, where all attendees will be security screened prior to onward travel to the venue. They will then be transferred to specifically approved coaches for onward transportation into the Celtic Manor venue. There will be a 2 mile exclusion area around the venue; no pedestrians, private cars or non-approved coaches will be allowed in that area.

No doubt such extreme measures have been designed to protect what remains of the Principality's female virtue.

But what's this?

Arriva Trains Wales, famed for its desire to provide its own services over other operators routes, is apparently less keen to allow Charter operators in on the Ryder Cup action.

The email continues:

No trains, other than timetabled services, will be permitted to call at Severn Tunnel Junction station during this period. (In any case, there would not be enough space in the car park for coaches to wait and pick up, and the coaches will not be permitted into Celtic Manor). Please also note that we will not be in a position to accommodate steam haulage, deal with the disposal of bagged rubbish or provide facilities for the tanking of rolling stock during this period.

Good to see the Welsh rail operator safeguarding its own patch so zealously!

UPDATE: This just in from Pillbox...

You get more people in Cardiff on a Six Nations weekend than will most likely go to the golf (always 100k plus for Wales home matches).

This looks like overkill and going for the lowest common denominator rather than trying to accommodate demand.