Wednesday, 23 June 2010

DfT - hoisted by own petard!

Eye salutes Philip Hammond for wresting the chair of the Department for Transport Board from Permanent Secretary Robert Devreaux.

As any fule kno the DfT Board has the following remit:

The role of the Department’s Board is to:

  • ensure effective governance of the Department and its Agencies, so we made the right decisions, at the right time, and properly manage risks
  • shape and direct a shared agenda for the Department as a whole, both to deliver Ministers’ priorities and to build our capability as a Department
  • monitor performance and risk, making choices (or recommendations to ministers) on priorities/risk appetite
  • oversee the health of our relations with our stakeholders and commercial partners.
With yesterday's announcement of a 25% cut to his department's budget it is good to see Petrol-head has already started getting to grips with the detail.

Industry colleague will also welcome this change.

Having dished it out now let's see how the Marsham Street mandarins take to a bit of micro-management!