Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Eye opens museum of Couchiana

Telegrammed by Bulldog Drummond
Eye is delighted to launch its new museum of Couchiana with this oddly drafted ATOC press release:

ATOC responds to Network Rail Chief Executive stepping down

In response to the news that Iain Coucher is to step down, Tom Smith, Chairman of the Association of Train Operating Companies, said:

“Iain is a major figure in the rail industry and a positive force for change.

“He has made an exceptional personal contribution to a period of sustained improvement on the railways, which has seen punctuality and passenger satisfaction reach record levels.

“We wish him the best for the future and will of course continue to work with Network Rail’s management to make the orgainsation more customer focused.”


Punctuality and even more passenger satisfaction are only part of NR's remit, what about his day job of running the business?

And what is the last para trying to say?

Surely it is not suggesting that Coucher was not customer focussed? Perish the thought.

Meanwhile any Eye readers know what an 'orgainsation' is?

Perhaps it describes a not for profit company where you make pots of money?

UPDATE: This from

I suggest asking the reader who lives in Tophsam (2 articles up).

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