Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hitachi offends everyone with IEP comments

This cheeky nonsense via Yahoo News...

TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese high-tech giant Hitachi said Wednesday that a multi-billion-dollar deal in Britain to build railway cars could be partially cancelled due to a spending squeeze by a new government in London.

A Hitachi spokesman said the company is waiting for Britain's decision after a review of the project, which the company expects to receive in a matter of days.

"It's possible that there may be changes in the British transport ministry's plans," the official said. "But I don't think that our deal will be completely annulled because it's about replacing decrepit railway cars," he added.

Look here sunshine.

At least our British built, so called 'decrepit', HST's stop when required.

Unlike your crappy cars!

'Nuff said.

UPDATE: This from Tokyo Rose...

The Imperial High Command has already prepared a strategy to handle the publication of the Foster Review.

The Emperor and Takashi Kawamura, Chairman of Hitachi, will simultaneously broadcast that the IEP situation "has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage".

UPDATE: This from the late T C B Miller MBE...

Far from being "decrepit", my High Speed Diesel Trains are in such fine fettle that the Minister of Transport is currently seeking bids from Messrs Angel Trains and Porterbrook Leasing for life extension to 2025 or 2035.