Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bag a bottle of Bolly with Railway Eye!

Man on the Slow Train offers Eye readers a bottle of Bollinger!

Tis the season when the branch lines and rail byways of our land should be on show to the world as the tourist season is upon us.

OK, we can do nothing about plodding Pacers and ancient 150s. But how about some clean windows and toilets that aren't locked out of use? Perhaps the occasional courteous conductor?

I'm offering a prize for the best slow train service of 2010.

I'm currently travelling around Britain for my new book On The Slow Train Again and would love to hear about your experiences.

My current fave is the Far North Line to Wick, with super refurbed 158s - lovely seats and even retention toilets. Washed windows and charming staff, too! By contrast, horrid London Midland trains bearing confusing maps of lines 100 miles distant.

There's a bottle of Bollinger and a signed copy of On the Slow Train, courtesy of Random House publishers, for the best entry.

Send your entries to Michael Williams at mwmedia.uk@gmail.com