Monday, 13 September 2010

Crow-bar and ConDems both in la-la land

So the brothers at the TUC annual conference plan industrial action to prevent cuts in public spending.

This nonsense from Crow-bar Bob today:

"The TUC has to be the launch-pad for the fight back against the coalition Government's decision to unleash all out class warfare through their unprecedented attack on our communities, public services, welfare state and transport system. Our defence must be built on generalised strike action and community resistance in the biggest public mobilisation since the anti-poll tax movement."

Meanwhile the ConDems are busy making soothing noises about wanting to "work with the unions".

Ah such innocence!

Perhaps Petrol-head should have a word with LUL management so he can explain to his government colleagues precisely how you work with Crow-bar and his ilk when they decide to undertake politically motivated strike action.

Errr... you don't and you can't and you won't!