Monday, 13 September 2010

Vulture Spikes - York station clock

Time for an exciting new Railway Eye feature.

This from a Mr Swift...

Just look at the recently restored York vintage clock proudly sitting above the passenger footbridge in the magnificent York station.

One wonders if our Victorian Engineers envisaged the use of 8 inch long Vulture Spikes !

UPDATE: This from AlanG...

I am a bit puzzled that there is a small clock built into the large clock, showing the time 40 minutes ago.

Is that the time that the an Arriva XC train with WiFi should have arrived?

Oops sorry need a 2009 calendar for that :)

UPDATE: This from King Henry...

I wonder whether Vulture Spikes need, and have received, planning permission?

York Station is after all a Grade 2* Listed building and the slightest alteration has to be put to the City Council (which recently won an appeal to have Starbucks banished from the entrance hall).

Perhaps we should he told?