Wednesday, 24 November 2010

601 days since the last new train order

This from Captain Deltic...

So busy proof reading Rail Business Intelligence that I overlooked that yesterday was the 600th day without a new train order. (Eye doesn't normally allow such blatant plugs, but just this once. Ed)

But luckily I remembered just now as I was assembling the trophies for this Friday's Golden Spanner Awa... (Oi! I've warned you Deltic, you're barred! Ed)

UPDATE: This from Ithuriel...

Is it not odd that those local representatives pressing for more capacity haven't latched onto the good Captain's latest ticking time bomb and used it to their own ends?

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Perhaps tomorrow's announcement by the Secretary of State will address this problem?

Oh no, now I remember.

Mr Hammond is due to announce the wrong train that nobody actually wants.

Apart that is from Mr Kipling, obviously.

UPDATE: This from Captain Deltic...

But any order won't count until the contract has been signed, not to mention the protests from other manufacturers being heard in court.

So, no change tomorrow, I suspect.