Monday, 14 March 2011

Evergreen 3 - who is in charge?

So who is running Evergreen 3?

Two weeks ago Michael Lee, the ORR’s director of railway planning, said: "The risk of not completing it on time to introduce new services in May had been growing and that was behind the decision to hand project management to Network Rail."

This produced an explosion from Von Shooter who insisted Chiltern was still in charge.

Happily all this confusion will be swept away today!

Line problem between Oxford and Banbury.
Train services are being disrupted due to over-running engineering works between Oxford and Banbury.

Engineers are working as fast as possible to restore services to normal. Short notice cancellations and delays of up to 30 minutes can be expected.

Last Updated: 14/03/2011 06:38

Let's see who fesses up.