Monday, 14 March 2011

Rail Barbie's empire to expand?

This from Virginia Water...

I see in yesterday's Observer that First Group are considering handing back the keys on the Great Western franchise in 2013, rather than 2016.

Given the DfT's already packed reletting agenda, does this raise the prospect of Directly Operated Railways taking on its second InterCity operation?

And why not!

After all Rail Barbie's first franchise has been highly successful in reducing costs, raising performance and improving the timetable. (shurely shome mishtake? Ed)

The future's bright, the future's dull grey and purple...

UPDATE: This from the late Adam Smith...

This is wonderful news.

If First Group elects not to continue with its franchise beyond 2013 this will provide the most marvelous opportunity to test Villier's exciting ideas about residualising investment beyond franchise length.

What with First Group owning 12 power cars and numerous trailers upon which the Great Western franchise is utterly dependent if it is to deliver the DfT specified timetable.