Tuesday, 3 April 2012

EMT dismounts desk-jockeys

Let's hear it for a very brave East Midlands Trains!

According to EMT

East Midlands Trains will be closing the doors of its Derby Headquarters for the day on Thursday 5 April, with all of the company’s head office managers and staff getting back to the floor and working at stations and on trains to help passengers with the Easter getaway.

The initiative, which has been named ‘Day of the Customer’, is designed to provide extra support to passengers travelling on Maundy Thursday which is traditionally one of the busiest travelling days of the year.

David Horne, Managing Director for East Midlands Trains, said: “We’re all really looking forward to our first ‘Day of the Customer’ on Thursday. Since recently taking over as Managing Director, I’ve spent a lot of time working with our staff on the front-line to understand more about how we deliver the day-to-day service to our customers. It's really important that we see and experience things as our customers and front-line staff see them and we have to get out of the office to get this experience.

Now there's a dangerous precedent to set!

After all when doctors go on strike mortality rates drop by as much as 50%.

The worse case scenario is that no one even notices that the shiny-bums are missing!

What a saving in executive salaries that would notch up!