Tuesday, 3 April 2012

London Overground abolishes timetables

This from http://jonhind.lightbox.com

Looks like London Overground have abandoned the timetable and decided just to tell us when they will give us a train.

This taken at West Hampstead:

No doubt getting rid of all that pesky timetable nonsense will stop passengers complaining about late trains?

UPDATE: This from a Mr JMG...

I think your comment on this is unfair.

Except for very late at night, London Overground is now a turn-up-and go railway and with all trains calling at all stations.

The conventional Network Rail display formats are too complicated and require unnecessary scrolling which means that key information is actually not displayed for much of the time - witness many platform screens taking three pages to show the details of the next train.

I do believe it is much more helpful for passengers to adopt the London Underground practice of showing destinations and minutes to arrival - mostly now for the next four trains - and I am pleased to see that LO (LooRoll, Ed) is progressively switching to this method.

Having said that, your photo clearly shows that there is more work to be done on the details.

This sign at West Hampstead - which looks as if it is located in the booking hall - clearly needs to be further reconfigured to show the two directions separately and to reduce the display from two pages to one so that the most important information (where is the next train going and how long to wait?) is in view all the time.