Thursday, 7 June 2012

Railway costs explained No94

Good news for fans of costly bureaucracy and pointless man marking!

Whilst NR and the TOCs are attempting, through Alliances, to remove the duplication of roles that adds so much to industry costs what is the Rail Regulator up to?

Why, duplicating the work already undertaken by Passenger Focus!

Compare and contrast: 

This from the ORR published today: Fares and ticketing – information and complexity

With this from Passenger Focus published at the end of last month: Ticket to Ride

One step forward, two steps back, eh?

UPDATE: This from Orrville (Geddit!?! Ed)...

The good people at Passenger Focus are no doubt be delighted that ORR are now also doing their job for them, thus reducing confusion, increasing clarity and building confidence on which of the numerous organisations actually has responsibility for passenger’s interests.

Meanwhile, no comment from Mr Price-Right on the £2.2bn annual increase in Network Rail’s debt...