Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Brown Review - Partnership is key

Eye understands that Richard Brown is busy assembling a team to work on his Review.

According to sources they are likely to be absolutely first class.

Is this perchance now the Review of Last Resort?

UPDATE: This from Our Man at 222 Marylebone Road...

So Richard Brown and DOR are recruiting from the same pool of ex-British Rail retreads.  

Will their gangmaster turn a blind eye to possible moonlighting in this overheating market? 

UPDATE: This from Sir Humphrey Beeching 

Allow me to commend my former DfT colleagues on their Value for Money approach.

I quote 

As for longer franchises, the best case for them
is if they are to become the vehicles for
investment - not just rolling stock, but the
infrastructure too. Chiltern’s 20-year franchise is
a great example. Without investment the case for
longer franchises is a lot thinner.

There is also a case for more flexible contracts
for the commercial railway – allowing TOCs to
tailor the timetable more closely with market
requirements. Allowing commercial TOCs to
take the revenue risk is also sensible. Allowing
social TOCs to do so is not so sensible: there the
emphasis should be on service quality and cost
effective delivery

That’s your report written then Richard. Shall we perhaps retire for luncheon?

UPDATE: This, perhaps surprisingly, from the late Simone Mirman...

I 'ave noticed that the leather petit chapeau noir has been seen across Le Town a domain.

From the oh-so chic ABBey all the way to les tres unfashionable TERminus.

C'est magnifique! Mais ce n'est pas la gare. Non?

UPDATE: This from Aristotle...

If you keep asking the same people the same question do not surprised when you keep getting the same wrong answer.

Is there nobody left from OPRAF days who can approach the question of Franchising from a different direction?