Thursday, 25 October 2012

ToT puts RDG tanks on RIA & ATOC lawns

This from the Gruan interview with Tim O'Toole in advance of the Bradshaw Lecture...

Q: The train operators appear to have a bumpy relationship with Network Rail at the best of times. How will the RDG improve that?

A: Once the RDG is formalised, it will force Network Rail and the train operators to make the whole structure of the industry coherent. We do not want separate bodies, all of whom seem to have a separate piece of the industry. We want them organised into a more unified structure under the RDG, so we don't have an uncoordinated industry representing itself to the government and the public.

Eye readers might find the following explanation of RDG and ATOC membership helpful.

And no room of course for the supply chain or indeed the Roscos at the top table of ToT's exclusive new club.