Monday, 8 October 2012

Has anyone seen the Rail Delivery Group?

This from Leo Pink...

At this critical time when the railway industry, standing shoulder to shoulder needs to take back its future from the so-called Department for Transport where is the notional leadership to lead the fight?

Wasn't the Rail Delivery Group set up at the behest of McNulty to provide just the very leadership we need in this time of turmoil?

But where is the RDG?  

Where are its views on the future of franchising? 

Why isn't the RDG leading the review of franchising? After all its members actually run franchises. 

Surely the RDG could have saved Richard Brown from being torn away from his comfy armchair and slippers?

On the other hand, does the silence of the RDG reveal it to be a fair weather talking shop?  

After all its Chairman and two senior Members are busy consulting M'Learned Friends. So agreeing a common position is presumably somewhat difficult to deliver?
Meanwhile, the brooding giant that is Network Rail awaits its hour...