Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Overheard at Breakfast - On DafT Recruitment

Scene: The kitchen in any number of railway households throughout the land..

Daughter: Daddy

Father: Yes Darling?

Daughter: Why is steam coming out of your ears?  Is eccentric uncle Philip at DfT having one of his turns.

Father: How very perceptive of you, my Angel.

Daughter: What is it this time Daddy?

Father: Well, Uncle Philip has asked head hunters to see if they can find some senior rail managers  to help Uncle Michael take over Intercity West coast from Uncle Richard.

Daughter: But Daddy, won't anyone senior enough already have a job.

Father: Probably dearest.

Daughter: Uncle Ivor used to run the West Coast  and he hasn't got a job.

Father: Hush dear, we don't mention Uncle Ivor since he went to China.

Daughter: What about Uncle David? He used to run East Coast and he's quite young too and mummy thinks he's dishy?.

Father: Luckily Uncle David is off to Ireland.

Daughter: Anyway Daddy, if Uncle Philip lets Uncle Michael take over the West Coast, won't he have to take over Great Western too when the franchise extension expires?

Father: Sounds logical, sweetheart.

Daughter: So he'd need even more experienced senior managers.  Uncle John used to run Intercity, he told us about it in the latest Modern Railways.

Father: Remind me to tell uncle James not to leave his magazine lying around where impressionable minds can pick it up.

Daughter: Anyway  Daddy why does Uncle Philip think that replacing Uncle Chris at West Coast and Uncle Mark at Great Western with managers who haven't got a job is a good idea?

Father: Nobody knows, now eat up your Weetabix

Out of the mouths of babes...