Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pre-Valentine industry love-in lite?

This from Orville...

Yesterday, 200 or so of the industry's brightest and best attended the ORR's consultation workshop on NR's Strategic Business Plan.

NR put on a polished performance, with a number of senior executives there to present all that the Plan has to offer.

And the ORR? 

Did they perchance outline their emerging views and concerns with the plan and its costs? Were Walker, Price, and Ross there listening intently as industry grilled NR on the details?

Er, no.

Why tie down senior management talent focusing on the industry's view of the 'greatest investment in the railways since the Victorian era' (sic) when there are much more interesting things to do?

Such as managing the team of 60 ORR staff, or 21% of total headcount, busy duplicating the role of Passenger Focus (shurely "
working on 'consumer protection' matters"? Ed).

Aye, it's a fine life at One Kemble Street.