Thursday, 14 February 2013

Silver Stump Watch - Euston

Time for an exciting new feature!

Introducing Silver Stump Watch.

In the Age of Austerity, where every penny counts, it is only right that the railway should invest heavily to prevent the merest possibility of some ne'er-do-well driving a vehicle onto railway property with the aim of committing some dreadful abomination.

This picture from Euston with a bowler tip to Strawbrick...

Presumably these magnificent Silver Stumps appearing across the network will deter those of evil intent, as they will now be forced to find a free parking space or take public transport before simply walking through these eyesores?

Does anyone really believe that these offer value for money or is this a visual manifestation of derriere covering?

Update: This from The Major...
York has some fine examples which serve only to provide a nuisance to those towing trolley bags (themselves a nuisance but let's not go there!).

I believe these stumps fall under the little-known 'Business Case Exemption (Security Measures and Ticket Barriers) Regulations 2011'.